Scuderia Ecosse




Few other Ferrari service centres can claim the racing heritage that Stewart Roden Motors have with Scuderia Ecosse.

The video opposite shows a pit stop at Le Mans 24-Hours in 2007.

The car was pitted for fuel and changing all tyres and the front brakes.

Compared to F1 pit stops, Le Mans pit stops are slower, primarily down to the rules that no work can be done on the car until fueling has been completed, and that only a certain number of mechanics can touch the car at the same time. However in Le Mans terms this is a fast stop!

Care had to be taken after the brake pads were removed that when the brake pistons were pushed back in, the mechanic on the opposite side of the car is pushing the pistons back in at the same time, otherwise the pistons could pop out; requiring bleeding the brakes and a much longer stop!

Also bear in mind that the brakes will have been running at hundreds of degrees, and are hot!

We can't promise to service your Ferrari in 3 minutes, but we can offer you access to one of the most experienced and skilled Ferrari service teams in the country!

You can find out more about our Scuderia Ecosse technical centre here.